Class information

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Well Fit Mums and Green Fit Baby classes run from the Birmingham Parks. My classes are a good opportunity to make new friends and get fitter without having to leave your baby’s side. Here are some common questions

When and where are the classes?

There are eight 1hr classes per week. Look on the 'classes' link above for maps and further information like past newsletters and photos. I do have a monthly mailing list and you can subscribe easily through the webpage.

        Mondays 11am Ley Hill Country Park, Northfield (meet Holloway Hall) and 1.15pm Queen’s Park, Harborne (meet by playground)
        Tuesdays 9.30am Cotteridge Park (meet Car park) and 11.00 Cotteridge Park (beginner's class)
        Thursdays 9.20am Chamberlain Gardens, Ladywood (meet at gym equipment by Cawdor Crescent) and 11.30am Dawberry Fields, Kings Heath (meet at Playground down path by Primary School)
        Fridays 9.30am Victoria Common, Northfield (meet by playground) and 11.30am Cannon Hill Park* (meet outside the MAC outdoor arena next to the playground)

How much?

You can pay as you go, fiver per week at the red classes or to encourage you to get fitter and commit to the group, a book of 7 classes is £30. There is no expiry date though so if you miss a class you won’t lose out and you can come to any class. Black classes are council funded but I will need lots of data from you in order to secure the funding. Cheques to ‘Sarah Roberton’, or there are transfer details on the little books of classes

What do you do in the class?

The class will consist of a mix of cardio vascular (walking and optional jogging), strengthening and toning exercises using bands and mats in better weather, ensuring we get a total body workout. The class will last for approx 1 hour. We include pelvic floor and CORE stability within the session.

Do I need to bring anything?

Possibly a Health screening form, which is always easier for you to complete and bring with you rather than completing it at the beginning of the first class (although I will have some with me if you forget it!)

Make sure you have sun cream and a shade for baby in nice weather, but a rain cover for our unpredictable weather.  Make sure baby is warm enough during Winter months and you have adequate water with you.

We love the social side of classes, so at all classes we finish the class with the opportunity to grab a drink together, so some change to buy a drink and maybe a snack or a feed for baby too. Cotteridge and Ley Hill have drinks and biscuits with no charge. Other classes vary between 50p and £1.60 for a tea.

What do I wear?

Best is trainers or sensible shoes for the weather and loose fitting clothes. Layers are good as you can strip on and off as you get hot or cold. Waterproof is useful too.

Is there a specific type of buggy that I need?

No.  Any buggy is fine.  Be aware that Ley Hill is a muddy class!

Can I breastfeed during the class?

Yes there are benches dotted around the parks and we will usually manage to stay together and continue exercising so you can catch up on that bit later in the class.  It’s better to try and feed baby beforehand though as you’re breasts will feel more comfortable and you can join in the whole class. Wear a good bra or two bras if possible.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes and have a free class added to your book if you bring a friend. Classes are not clichy though and we do lots of games and partner work so you will make friends.  Don’t rely on other people to come along with you if you have decided you want to get fit.  Just come anyway.

When can I start after birth or a C section?

When you feel ready but usually 6-8 weeks is about right. It is best to have had your GP check before joining us but contact me if this a problem to you.

What if I have a bad knee or a bad back?

Come and do what you can and build it up slowly.  Ask me to give you an alternative if you cannot do the exercise I have suggested. That’s no problem at all.

I have Pelvic Girdle Pain. Can I still come?

You do need to be able to walk to come along but I can adapt exercises if this is the worry. Avoid opening legs wider than your hips and avoid jumping or standing on one leg.

I’m Pregnant can I still come?

Yes. Join in the majority of the class. Do floor tummy work on all fours. I can show you suitable alternatives to do. Avoid anything that will dangerously raise your blood pressure i.e. don’t really push it to the MAX. Classes are mixed ability anyway so you should be fine.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.

I look forward to hearing from you, and if you know of any other Mums who would enjoy our class please give them my details.

Sarah Roberton